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    Hakuna Matata precious S925 olive branch ring

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    Adjustable ring size - fits all hands

    Over 15,000 trees planted!

    Help rebuild the destroyed koala habitats. In 2019, catastrophic bushfires raged across Australia, burning 10 million hectares of Australian land and killing over 1 billion animals.

    The fire also caught thousands of koalas and destroyed around 80% of their habitat.

    Our tree planting campaign helps to plant trees and create more awareness for this topic.

    What can I do with my tree?

    • Bring food to animals
    • Provide protection for hundreds of animals
    • Keep the soil from drying out
    • Help in wind and weather
    • Revitalize surrounding soil
    • Help reduce the carbon footprint and refresh the air
    With every ring you buy, you plant 1 tree in Australia and also help to raise awareness for this topic.