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    Send Instantly The Perfect Gift

    There's a new and easy way to gift your friends and loved ones.

    Just look for the “Gift Instantly” button and start the gifting flow:

    Step one

    The recipient gets your thoughtful gift via email or text message.

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    Step two

    They open the gift and choose the perfect size and color or exchange it before it ships.

    Step 3

    Done! The gift will be sent to the address they fill out.

    You can now purchase the perfect gift every time.


    How do I send a product as a gift?

    Simply click the “Gift Instantly” button, insert the recipient email/phone number in the pop-up window and select the greeting card you would like to send.

    How will the recipient receive the gift?

    The recipient will receive your beautiful greeting card via email or text message and will be able to open the eGift online.

    Can I send a gift without knowing the recipient's address, size or style preference?

    Yes, the recipient will be able to insert where they would like the gift to be sent to as well as adjust or exchange the gift for store credit.
    The address and size you insert will be used as a backup.

    When will the greeting card be sent?

    When filling out the greeting card you can choose to send it now, or schedule it to be sent at a specific date.


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