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    Tree planting campaign 🌳

    Our tree planting campaign

    It all started with the massive bush fires in Australia at the end of 2019, which massively reduced the natural habitat of koalas and many other animals. We have set ourselves a major goal in the fight against the climate crisis: planting trees to ensure the preservation and growth of forests and to commit ourselves to the future of people and animals!

    Thanks to numerous support from our valuable customers, the tree planting campaign is successfully realized and continued every day. Together with the organization "One Tree Planted" we give our earth a few green areas.

    🌳You want to make a contribution? Order one of these items and have one more tree planted. 🌳

    Tree of Life Bracelet - African Jasper
    Mother Earth Bracelet
    Tree of Life - Orgonite Necklace
    Tree of Life Necklace Cubic Zirconia Stones
    The Sacred Sri Yantra Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Necklace
    Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Lucky bracelet made of copper
    Handmade Tibetan Buddhist lucky bracelet made of copper Model 2
    Handmade Tibetan Buddhist lucky bracelet with the masters OM MANI PADME HUM < br>Koala necklace
    Koala plushie

    Mala "Lotus" necklace with 108 natural amazonite beads
    "Heaven's Eye" necklace in black rainbow obsidian
    7 chakra earrings (1 pair with natural jasper)
    Apple Iphone wood protective cover "Mandala"

    We look forward to a large amount of support and thank everyone very much for expanding our international tree planting campaign!



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