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    Daily horoscope 06/07/2018 (topic letting go)

    Tages-Horoskop 07.06.2018 (Thema Loslassen)

    Daily horoscope 06/07/2018

    Lunar calendar

    • waning moon
    • 06.2018 23:25:32 CET/S Moon enters Aries

    The Moon and Sun are currently orthogonal, the Moon rises at midnight and rests at noon. It is harvest time: now we shall reap the fruits of our hard work. In the next few days, however, many may experience an inner crisis. One might have the feeling that something went wrong. But don't let that feeling scare you! It just means that the tasks planned for this phase are done.

    What we should learn from the moon

    Upon entering Aries, we should learn to let go of everything that no longer serves our development.

    Wellness tip for June 7th, 2018

    Let's treat ourselves to a bath with lavender oil that relaxes the body and soul. A massage, especially from your partner, now works wonders.
    Aromatherapy is now particularly effective!

    HOROSCOPE 07.06.2018

    Capricorn 22.12. - 20.1.

    You have big plans today, new ideas are bubbling up and you are full of energy.
    Finance: Today you will learn something exciting at work.
    Love: Your partner proposes something to you again that you don't want to hear a word about.
    Health: Hit the gym for an endorphin rush!

    Aquarius 21.1. – 19.2.

    Today is a normal working day. But it would be important to make the evening unusual.
    Finances: In the last few days you have spent more money than usual. Calm down and don't spend any money on useless objects.
    Love: If your partner If you're a rather cold person, you might get a little disappointed in the next few days if he doesn't pay you enough attention.

    Fish 19.2. - 20.3.

    Comments from those around you only make you smile.
    Finances: Reconsider whether you are really changing jobs now.
    Love: A very attractive person turns your head!
    Health: Exceptionally, try to get help from alternative medicine for your health problems.

    Aries 21.3. - 21.4.

    The many problems that have bothered you lately are in the past. It's time to breathe a sigh of relief!
    Finances: You will be assigned an interesting project that you will take on as responsibility and fun.
    Love: The fact that your partner is now showing little scenes of jealousy doesn't affect you particularly. They act more as entertainment in everyday life.
    Health: Dear Aries, it's high time you changed your eating habits!

    Taurus 22.4. - 21.5.

    You hear rumors about an acquaintance that you wish you didn't know about.
    Finances: Someone will soon come to your aid at work.
    Love: You will laugh a lot with your partner today - time for a cozy evening on the couch.
    Health: Drink lots of drinks with a high vitamin and mineral content now.

    Gemini 22.5. - 21.6.

    Today you win every discussion because you are relaxed enough.
    Finance: Today you will experience innovations in the workplace that you will really like.
    Love: Your partner is going away for a while now, which is particularly good for the relationship.
    Health: Don't forget the importance of exercise! Choose a sport that you enjoy.

    Cancer 22.6. - 21.7.

    Follow your intuition, it never disappoints! She will also tell you in time who your enemy is.
    Finances: Today the work piles up and you even have to stay at work a few hours longer.
    Love: Your partner shares great news with you.
    Health: Be careful in traffic today!

    Lion 22.7. - 22.8.

    Today it is time for the lions to attend a cultural event as a reward.
    Finance: Today you get high interest on your money.
    Love: Your partner helps you to better understand your family relationships.
    Health: The best way to get rid of stress is to exercise regularly.

    Virgo 23.8. - 22.9.

    You'll find out in time that someone is just flirting with you.

    Finances: Today's working day goes by in no time.
    Love: An unexpected invitation to the cinema flatters your heart.
    Health: You should relax more often, relieve stress in time, it harms you more than usual.

    Libra 23.9. - 23.10.

    Since January it's finally time for a fresh start!
    Finances: At work everything is deteriorating at the moment. An ascent is already in the offing, it's just too much for you at once.
    Love: In love, it's like the weather now - storms and thunderstorms.
    Health: Pay attention to the correct posture when sitting - especially if you have to sit for long hours at work.

    Scorpio 24.10. - 22.11.

    Today is going to be a very comfortable day for you!
    Finances: You skipped today - spend the day with your loved ones!
    Love: You are still very attractive in your partner's eyes.
    Health: Keep your positive energy, your health encourages.

    Sagittarius 23.11. - 21.12

    Be less selfish, think more about your family's needs. Finances: Your endless addiction to money is not the right path to happiness, dear Sagittarius.
    Love: Your partner will behave more irritably.
    Health: Attention! There is a risk of extreme tiredness!


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