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    Self-healing through grounding

    Selbstheilung durch Erdung

    Self-healing through grounding

    I investigated a lot, especially in the area of ​​resonance and frequency...

    I could not have known that there is a frequency that is so particularly relevant to healing and strengthening humans...

    The Schuhmann frequency...

    A few years later after my death, Winfried Schuhmann found this frequency, which is 7.8 Hertz...

    It is the frequency of our mother earth...

    Now in the 21st century, scientists have discovered what grounding really does to people...

    (grounding = being in skin contact with the earth... e.g. barefoot on the grass)

    Benefits of grounding

    - in a 4-week study, 9 out of 12 showed less anxiety, less emotional stress, depression, irritation

    - further 9/12 felt more rested and energized in the morning

    - Faster wound healing

    - Reduction of free radicals in the body... more energy...

    - Sleep promotion

    - Inflammation in the body is reduced...

    - Pain-relieving...

    - Reduced cortisol levels... less stress!!!

    All in all, one of the easiest ways to bring yourself back into balance and strengthen your inner self-healing powers!

    Just get out into nature!


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