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    Heal the body with Turmeric

    Körper Heilen mit Turmeric


    Today I'll give you a trick to strengthen your whole system...



    According to Ayurveda there are three subtle basic types of matter...




    Tamas is heavy, sluggish, dark. Food like fried old food consists of tamas.

    Rajas, is movement, passion, fire. Things like chilli, salty or spicy.

    Satvic. Food that has been freshly prepared. Brings purity, a calm mind and leads to wisdom.

    Turmeric is Sattvic!

    Eat 1 scoop of turmeric with a little pepper every day (increases absorption by 2000%).

    The following will help you.

    -Purifies the mind


    -May reduce depression

    -Cleanses the body, expelling


    -For diabetes problems

    -If you are overweight


    -And relieves pain!


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