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    7 Root Chakra Oils Every Home Should Have

    7  Wurzel-Chakra Öle Die Jeder Zuhause Haben Sollte

    The root chakra is known to be the chakra that supplies us with the energy of the earth.

    As a result, most root chakra oils are characterized by an earthy aroma. Inhaling the root chakra oils connects the body and mind to the earth.

    In the best case, the root chakra opens or expands through the regular use of a root chakra oil. The essential oil is mixed with a base oil and massaged into the skin drop by drop for aromatherapy or diffused into the air with a diffuser.

    Below are 7 popular Root Chakra Oils detailed.

    1.) Sandalwood Oil

    Sandalwood has already been mentioned in Ayurveda and was once very valuable. There is red and white sandalwood.

    White sandalwood is the main ingredient used in sandalwood oil. It has a very earthy, but also slightly lovely character, which is why it is one of the typical root chakra oils.

    2.) Cypress

    Cypresses are an integral part of the Mediterranean region. Especially when thinking about Tuscany, cypresses are part of the typical vegetation. The aroma of cypress is reminiscent of a walk through the forest and the element of earth. The element that cypress oil can help us connect with.

    3.) Cedarwood

    The name says it all when it comes to cedar wood!

    Cedars belong to the pine family. The aroma of the oil of the cedar tree is also reminiscent of a typical conifer.

    Used as a root chakra oil, it is able to ground the spirit and establish contact with the earth.

    4.) Angelica Root

    The popular angelica root is native to northern Europe. Even the Vikings appreciated the healing powers of this plant.

    Angelica root is considered a nerve tonic that is also used for depression and anxiety.

    The specially contained monoterpenes ensure a grounding and strengthening effect. Angelica root oil gets its active ingredients directly from the earth.

    Is it any wonder that the forces of the earth are assigned to the root chakra?

    5.) Vetiver

    The scent of vetiver oil can be described as hearty, woody and exotic. Vetiver is one of the sweet grass plants and comes from the tropics of Asia.

    A touch of forest and earth, which resonates in the vetiver fragrance composition, is considered to be particularly calming and relaxing.

    Vetiver oil is associated with the root chakra as it helps to ground and re-root.

    6.) Patchouli

    The patchouli oil has a strong earthy character.

    It's reminiscent of a slightly stale closet smell that takes a lot of getting used to.

    The heyday of patchouli was during the hippie movement. The psychological effect of patchouli includes its use in cases of lack of concentration and depression as well as anxiety.

    The earthy scent ensures gentle relaxation, conveys security and helps to be satisfied with yourself.

    7.) Rosemary

    Rosemary oil is one of the typical root chakra oils because it gives the user a feeling of success.

    It is a powerful psychoactive oil that can build strength and confidence - issues associated with the root chakra.

    Using rosemary oil to activate the root chakra can increase your happiness.

    These were the 7 Root Chakra Oils that everyone should have in their homes!

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