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    7 Awesome Root Chakra Activators

    7 Geniale Wurzel-Chakra Aktivierer

    7 Awesome Root Chakra Activators

    The root chakra is the gateway to life. Life begins and ends here.
    A harmonious root chakra shows vitality, stability and a harmonious gift to finish all things that one has started.

    It is a necessity in today's society filled with anxiety, stress and disharmony.

    1.) Essential Oils

    Even in ancient traditions, such as in India, oils were used for therapeutic and esoteric purposes. They work quickly and efficiently and can calm the mind.

    Read more here: 7 Root Chakra Oils Every Home Should Have

    2.) Grounding Gems

    These stones have it all, they harmoniously awaken the root chakra. They not only ground, but also protect the wearer from negative psychic energies and from stress.

    More on this here: 6 Balancing Root Chakra Healing Stones

    3.) Connect to Earth

    Probably the easiest way to activate your root chakra is to connect with Mother Earth. A barefoot walk on earth is enough for that, or better yet, treat yourself to a grounding blanket so that you stay grounded all night and wake up more refreshed.

    4.) Meditation with the root chakra mantra "LAM"

    A powerful tool to activate the root chakra is meditation with the "LAM" mantra. For this, close your eyes, sit in a meditation seat and mentally recite the "Lam" mantra and feel your root chakra awaken.

    5.) Red colors

    The color red vibrates at the same level from the root chakra. Wear red colors, move in red rooms and bring red light home to activate your root chakra

    6.) Take care of your health

    The root chakra is strongly connected to your health. If you are unhealthy and out of balance, your root chakra will also start to close and contract more and more.
    Take care of your health, eat well and get enough sleep.

    7.) Special Root Chakra Music

    The root chakra has a special resonance that can be opened in many ways. An easy way is to get special music for the root chakra and listen to it over a leisurely afternoon.


    8.) "Turn on the nose"

    The root chakra is very closely linked to the sense of smell, so the more you use your nose, your root chakra will become more open, empowered and activated.

    Tip: best with fresh flowers or essential oils suitable for the root chakra.

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