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    6 Signs Your Root Chakra Is Open

    6 Zeichen Dass Dein Wurzel Chakra Geöffnet Ist

    As the name already tells us, it connects the body to Mother Earth. Like a tree that puts down its roots in the ground to nourish itself with the energy from the earth, the root chakra is supposed to provide us with the energy of the earth. But only an open root chakra is able to root us and connect us with the energy of the earth.

    If you can answer the following keywords with a "yes", you can be sure that your root chakra is open:

    1.) Feeling of stability

    offenes Wurzelchakra

    An open root chakra gives us a feeling of stability and permanence.

    Just as a tree with a strong root cannot knock over anything, a person with an open root chakra cannot be thrown off track.

    If, on the other hand, the root chakra is closed, the person also feels uprooted. Then it buckles even with small defeats in life, like a thin blade of grass in the wind.

    2.) Feel safe

    Geborgenheit Wurzelchakra

    The open root chakra lets us feel the security of mother earth. We feel protected and protected and know the forces of nature, which ensure constant balance.

    It is not material security that an open root chakra attracts, but we do feel material security in life when the chakra is fully developed. This quality is important for parents, who can pass on the feeling of security to their children.

    3.) Connection to Earth

    Verbundenheit Erde

    Since the open root chakra roots us and, so to speak, grounds us, the connection to planet earth also grows.

    The sensitivity to the concerns of the earth is awakened, an understanding of the concerns of the earthlings builds up bit by bit or is already there when the root chakra is open or opens.

    An important keyword in this context is “compassion”. A sympathy for the forces of nature, one's fellow human beings, but also for the flora and fauna.

    4.) Material security

    Steine türmen

    An open root chakra symbolizes the connection to earth and matter.

    Anyone who has arrived in the bosom of nature and its environment knows the abundance of this world and knows that there is a constant balance between giving and taking.

    This is the flow of life and the cycle of nature. There are hardly any fears of existence when the root chakra is open, because thoughts of lack and distress fade away.

    5.) Togetherness


    Rooting with the earth, nature and fellow human beings awakens a strong sense of togetherness in people. Especially in these fast-moving times, we often "live past each other" or coexist anonymously in big cities.

    But if you ground yourself with an open root ckara and understand the unifying forces of nature, you know that we all spring from one source, are nourished by one energy and can at best exist on this earth in harmonious community.

    6.) Brave and fearless

    Mutig und angstfrei

    The root chakra represents a basis for our existence on this earth. The basis from which the power of the kundalini snake awakens and grows up to the crown chakra. It is precisely this basis that takes away the fear of defeat in life. Because if you know that you have a stable foundation in life, you won't fall far and live with a strengthened back.

    People with an open root chakra are bold, energetic, and free from fears and concerns. Often they even stand out as leaders who can encourage and push other people forward.

    These were the 6 signs that your root chakra is open!

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