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    6 Balancing Root Chakra Healing Stones

    6 Balancierende Wurzel-Chakra Heilsteine

    6 Balancing Root Chakra Healing Stones

    Healing stones are a simple and efficient method to reconcile personal resonances.
    Stones maintain a stable resonance and have various effects, all of which have a positive effect on our psyche and our energetic field.

    1.) Obsidian

    Obsidian originated from the fire of the volcano, obsidian possesses the properties of fire, dynamism and thus the ability to evoke your highest inner potential.

    It is used for grounding, shielding from negative energies and stress.

    More about this here: -everyone-should-know-about-obsidian

    2.) Tourmaline

    Stressed out by everyday life and plagued by fears? Then black tourmaline is a stone that can take away your fears in one fell swoop. It helps protect you from fear and shield you from negativity.

    3.) Red Jasper

    Is the go-to stone for harmoniously awakening your root chakra. Vitality, joie de vivre and zest for action are effects of wearing jasper.

    4.) Tiger Eye

    The Golden Tiger Eye Bracelet is a special protective chain. Black gems like obsidian and tourmaline absorb negative energies and protect you from them. Tiger Eye, on the other hand, transforms all negative energies, raises them to a higher level of consciousness and transforms them into positive energies that you can use.

    5.) Ruby

    Ruby comes from the word "rubeus" which means red in Latin. Ruby is probably one of the best-known stones and probably not as well-known as a healing stone.

    6.) Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Living in our time, we are confronted with different energies high and low on a daily basis. Heavy and Light Energies. Some energies we absorb subconsciously and carry with us the knowledge of it.
    Salt is not grounding per se, but has the ability to absorb all negativity-heavy energies from us and cleanse our energy field

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