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    5 secrets to increase your vitality

    5 Geheimnisse, um die eigene Lebenskraft zu steigern

    Who doesn't want that – to reach old age healthy?

    But in order to live long and healthy, you need energy that inspires our body and drives it to perform at its best.

    This energy is often simply referred to as life energy. Some people smile at this theory, but in many times and generations life energy has been given wondrous names such as "Prana", "Chi", "Ether", "Orgone" or "Ki".

    Only wise people were entrusted with the teachings of Chi and its increase. But in this article you will learn how you too can raise your Chi potential in the body.

    1.) Meditation

    The monks of the Shaolin Monastery in China showed us how.

    Once these people were sickly and weak. However, when these monks began to meditate and practice their kung fu martial arts, they discovered that meditating with qi can strengthen the body in a lasting way.

    The meditating monks developed enormous life energy and defended their monastery with the power of their bodies.

    Meditation creates a stimulus in the body that attracts energy from the environment like a magnet.

    2.) Jin Shin Jyutsu

    Another aspect of increasing life energy is harmonizing existing life energy.

    We owe this important theory to the Japanese Jirō Murai. He also discovered in meditation that by laying hands on the body - along the energy channels - pent-up life energy can be brought back into flow.

    It doesn't even require meditation. Just by touching the energy points, also called energy locks, energies are released.

    If, on the other hand, energy accumulates at an energy point, this can lead to illness and mental imbalance. Therefore, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a wealth of knowledge that is suitable for people of all ages and beliefs.

    3.) Qigong

    Qi Gong comes from China and means translated - the exercise of life energy. In principle, it is about training your own life energy and thereby effectively increasing it.

    As in Shaolin, only wise people were supposed to learn the secrets of Qi Gong.

    Especially at the imperial court, Qi Gong was of the utmost importance in order to bestow a long life on the imperial family. Qi Gong is divided into internal and external practices. While the inner ones are trained in meditation, the outer Qi Gong mainly refers to physical exercises.

    4.) Orgone

    Wilhelm Reich is the founder of the orgone theory. To this end, he built devices that are still popular today. The idea behind it is to irradiate yourself with a device in order to increase your own life energy or to dissolve pathogenic energy called DOR.

    Orgone devices are available in many designs - as orgone cones but also as cushions, cabins or radiators. In contrast to Qi Gong or meditation, the application is very simple. According to this view, it is sufficient to irradiate yourself with these devices.

    But especially in this area there are many opponents as well as supporters of this application.

    5.) Food

    We can also absorb life energy through food. Especially fresh food - almost straight from the garden - is full of life energy that we can absorb.

    The more a food has been processed, the lower its life energy content. There are people who use devices such as e.g.Upgrade Tesla plates to concentrate or upgrade the life energy in them

    There are many theories about water in particular. Because it is said that it should also store life energy by means of water treatment. This can be done by using water stones but also with the help of expensive water treatment systems.

    These were 5 secrets to increase your vitality!

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