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    5 things everyone should know about obsidian

    5 Dinge, die jeder über den Obsidian wissen sollte

    Obsidian is a rock glass of volcanic origin. It is mostly found in black color. However, it is also possible that it is dark green, brown in color or even semi-transparent.

    It usually finds its way to our home from Mexico,USA, Iceland and the Aeolian Islands in Italy.

    Obsidian has been used for various cultic purposes throughout human history. We too can take advantage of its properties. That's why everyone should know this about using an Obsidian.

    1.) Release blockages

    Anyone who has the feeling that there are blockages in their body is well advised to use obsidian. Because it is known for its loosening properties.

    The pent-up life energy can be made to flow again with the help of the obsidian. Stuck energy blockages are released at the point applied.

    Simply put the obsidian on the body and let it work.

    2.) When in shock

    Shock states can also be resolved with the obsidian. Suppressed fears, unpleasant memories or trauma can be brought back into consciousness and processed with the obsidian. The stone is worn on the body. Alternatively, the obsidian can also be placed on the forehead in acute conditions. This causes the thoughts to calm down and the flow of energy to circulate harmoniously through the body again.

    The obsidian is, so to speak, a spiritual "first aid" stone in the event of an accident.

    3.) Promote mediumship

    The obsidian is considered a stone that is said to promote mediumship. Media perception in particular should be strengthened or activated. It should also convey clarity and inner peace.

    From a spiritual point of view, obsidian serves as a protective stone. Its loosening, liberating properties promote the flow of energy in the body and dissolve medial blockages.

    Especially in meditation you can work with the obsidian. The obsidian mirror, which is looked at meditatively, is best suited for this. This mirror should be meditated on daily. This is followed by meditation over a rock crystal.

    4.) Wound Healing

    The high iron content in obsidian is said to be responsible for the fact that this stone is considered a healing stone. It is said to heal wounds faster.

    The stone is simply placed on the wounds. Bleeding should subside faster and healing should be promoted.

    In addition, shock states in the event of injuries are reduced.

    5.) Physical effect

    In addition to wound healing, there are other physical symptoms that are said to be alleviated by the use of obsidian. Asthmatics in particular should be able to breathe easily again with obsidian.

    Obsidian is also said to have a positive effect on digestion and promote the absorption of vitamins C and D. Anyone who generally suffers from circulatory disorders, cold hands and feet should carry the obsidian with them. But pain and tension can also be alleviated by using the healing stone.

    Hair, nails and skin should also benefit from the effects of obsidian.

    These were 5 things everyone should know about the Obsidian

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